7th Apimedica & 6th Apiquality International Symposium

//7th Apimedica & 6th Apiquality International Symposium

7th Apimedica & 6th Apiquality International Symposium

BIOPRISAKA participa cu stand propriu la Apimedica SIBIU, în perioada 11-16 octombrie 2018 .

The meeting, organised by the Romanian Apitherapy Society (Apimondia member), in collaboration with Apimondia (the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations), will address the most relevant issues pertaining to apitherapy and the qualitative aspects of the production/use of bee products and is open to researchers, medical doctors, pharmacists, biochemists, biologists, therapists, students as well as to beekeepers.

The symposium will include: oral presentations, a poster session, keynote speakers, specific sessions (active compounds, properties, pharmacology and clinical applications of hive products; clinical aspects in human and veterinary medicine; best practices; residues in hive products; alkaloids in honey and pollen; standards and frauds) and practical training (practical demonstration and clinical evidence of apitherapy; on-field standard tools; innovative systems for beehives and hive products traceability).

The programme of the symposium will be as follows:

October 10, in the evening: Welcome Cocktail
October 11 (all day) + October 12 (until noon): Apiquality Symposium
October 12 evening: Social Dinner (optional)
October 12 (afternoon)-October 14: Apimedica Symposium
October 14 (afternoon): Technical Tour 1 (optional)
October 15: Workshops (optional)
October 16: Technical Tour 2 (optional)